Letter to the Editor

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    I just saw the television story about the Central drainage "plan."  Regardless of how they feel about the reporting done by the paper, the personal attacks the mayor and council launched on the reporter are unprofessional and reflect very badly on the city of Central. That said, the reporter handled the assault like a professional.
    I went online to read the story, assuming it must be inflammatory and possibly incorrect.  Instead I found a very cogent, well reported article that did little more than state four facts: 1) drainage is a big problem in Central; 2) there is close to $5 million is unused, dedicated funds available to fix the problem; 3) Mayor Shelton campaigned on making a plan to use this money to fix the problem; and 4) that he has yet to come up with any plan that he is willing to share with the public.
    While I understand they are embarrassed about their inaction, Mayor Shelton and the council would be better served by directing their energies to creating a viable drainage plan for the city.  Kudos to the paper for holding their feet to the fire.
D.P. Barnwell, Baton Rouge