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The purpose of this site is to promote community service, community spirit, community schools and desirable community growth in Central through the immediate and dynamic forum of the internet.  In addition to this website, a printed newspaper is published weekly which conatins most of the information found during the week in these posts.  The newspaper is direct-mailed at no charge to over 8,000 residences and businesses in Central, and another 4,000 copies are circulated free via retail dstribution in businesses around Central.

We are spoiled to instant news and instant access to information. We are also Central Maroon to the core, (while still bleeding Purple and Gold). CentralSpeaks.com is our answer for everyone who loves this city and wants to know everything about it…..now….and from one comprehensive and instant source.

The Vision is to have many residents of Central contributing information and news to one source where everyone can get involved at the click of a mouse. The Promise is to present unbiased reporting of events and to give equal access to all of our community groups for calendaring and promoting events. The Result can be one unifying source of information for the City of Central to help us all work together in continuing to be the best place on earth to live and raise a family.

This site is also an evolutionary process and it will change and adapt as you, the people of Central, contribute your ideas, information and wishes. Do you want to promote your club’s activities? E-mail your articles, events and pictures and they will be published. Do you want coverage of the Central Middle girl’s basketball team to be in the paper the day after each game? Become the CentralSpeaks.com contributor for the team and send us an article and photos after each game. They will be published.

This site began as the result of a few friends and family members working nights and weekends. Not only do we welcome your input, ideas and comments, but we really need your involvement. Please keep the cards and letters coming via e-mail to: [email protected].

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved,