Letter to the Editor: Council on Aging

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    I’ve been coming to Council on Aging (C.O.A.) in Central for about four years.  I’m a widow who lives alone since my husband’s passing.  I’ve been hard at work trying to become more independent.  Thanks to C.O.A. for helping me do just that by providing a place to interact with others.
    Guest speakers come and provide vital information and resources concerning senior living.  Our center also provides activities such as Bingo, Wii Bowling, other games, puzzles, cards, reading materials, and arts and crafts.  We learn about the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.  We also celebrate birthdays and holidays with music, food, and fun!
    I love sitting down to a meal I didn’t have to cook, looking into faces across the table – so much better than eating alone!  We talk, share a few good laughs, and just talk about the old days.
    These days some faces of my friends are missing, due to the aftermath of the flood.  Almost all of us are out of our homes.  My home is gone altogether.  Yet the flood has served to bring out the best in most of us.  Such stories we have to tell!  Lots of hugs and helping hands going on.  Most of us are on fixed incomes, yet we find ways to reach out.  One friend took me in when I lost my home.  I share expenses with her, and together we got her house up and running again.  Hers was the first house repaired on her street!  Soon I will be leaving and getting into another place I can call home.
    This is the voice of Central Council on Aging: “We are so looking forward to meeting and greeting new people in 2017.  Come and join the family!” 
Judy Tegel

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