Flood 2016

Building Permit Update

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    Thousands of Central homes were damaged in the August flooding, and many of those homeowners are in the process of applying for permits to begin repairing the damage.  The City of Central has waived the fees for the permits, but citizens are required to file the permits anyway, resulting in long lines and long waits at the city's permit office.
    As a part of the permitting process, citizens are required to have their homes moisture tested or sign a waiver.  Mayor Shelton explains "The average time for moisture tests [provided free by the city] can be a week or two, although we will take the readings from a third party provider and or a homeowner can sign a hold harmless waiver."
    Reports in the first several weeks of the process were that over 1,000 permit requests had been made, with thousands more expected.  When asked by Central Speaks, Mayor Shelton stated "I do not know the total requested so far, nor the expected number."