CFD Locates Missing Girls

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From Central Fire Department
    Shortly after arriving at the Frenchtown Park Tuesday night, December 22, the Central Police Department requested the assistance of CFD in locating two young girls.  The girls had been missing for several hours by the time CFD was notified.  When firefighters arrived, they were informed that the girls were believed to be in an area of the Amite River that was only accessible by boat.  The East Side Fire Department responded with their rescue boat to a landing near Florida Boulevard and the Amite River.  CFD personnel joined the East Side firefighters and started to proceed north on the Amite; however mechanical issues with the boat prevented crews from reaching the girls.  A CFD rescue boat was launched from the same location and crews located the girls at approximately 8:21 p.m.  
    Both girls were wet and covered in mud when firefighters located them.  They were placed in the boat and transported back to the landing where they were turned over to deputies and Acadian Ambulance personnel.  Both girls suffered scratches and bruises and one girl had a sprained ankle. 
    CFD Chief Bill Porche said this was a particularly challenging rescue due to a combination of issues including terrible weather, a rapidly rising Amite River and the remote location the girls were in. Cooperation and coordination of all personnel was essential for the safety of the girls and emergency personnel during this night time river rescue.  Chief Porche was proud of the fact that all agencies worked together to rescue the children and return them to their families.