Letter to Editor: Central Resident Leading Effort to Quiet Joor

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    Since the completion of  Joor Road several years ago, I have been involved in numerous conversations about the noise.  Why is Joor Rd. so loud? Why is it? I've heard it was because it was grooved the wrong way, to control speeders, or for better traction. I'm not sure about any of these, but I do know that Joor Road is very loud compared to other roads I travel on. I, as well as other people I have talked to, go out of my way to avoid traveling on Joor Road because the noise is so aggravating. My brother lives on Joor Road. When the road was closed due to the ice storm, he could actually hear the birds sing for the first time in a long time because there was no traffic noise. My parents live on Lovett Road, and the road noise can be heard while trying to relax outside anytime.
     In conversation with others, I know there are many comments and complaints about "WHY IS JOOR ROAD SO LOUD?" Truly, it has changed the quality of life for those who travel it often and especially those who live in earshot of it. The question is, "What can be done about it?" Yes, It can be fixed and should be. 
    On behalf of the City of Central and all who travel this ear sore, Let's get the process started to " Quiet Down Joor Road." I have called Barry Ivey's office, and I believe the first step is to get petitions out, and maybe a facebook page. Please get involved. There should be 100% support from everyone who has traveled Joor Road, so it should not take much effort. If you would like to help get this organized to get Joor Road quieted down, please contact Bruce at 603-8060.


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