Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Our Firemen and EMS

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    Each day we go about our chores, work and play carefree and happy.  We can do this because there are men and women who have our backs.  I'm talking about our first responders.  I feel we take their sacrifices to do the dangerous, self effacing jobs they do for granted.  They do not and could not  get paid what they are worth.  I mean our firemen and women, police officers, sheriffs, EMS and emergency room staffs.  And Of course  I mean both men and women who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  While we sleep, they are responding to accidents and emergencies.   
    Recently I had another episode with my heart.  I was very scared and felt I was dying.  We called 911 and I realized as soon as the firemen walked into my house just minutes later that the terrible fear began to diminish. When I had time to reflect I realized how swiftly and confidently they moved and spoke, reassuring me.  First came the firemen doing what they were so well trained to do.  Then came the EMS truck and they transitioned me into the ambulance and all this time they were helping diminish my fears.   Their professional manner were calming and reassuring to me. 
    In the emergency room on O'Neil Lane, the staff there took over smoothly, always reassuring me.  My confidence in seeing tomorrow grew with each step.  (Of course the oxygen they gave me probably helped a bit too).  Later I realized what wonderful, well trained and good people were there for me – a little old lady they did not know at all!  
    So this is just a great big thank you to all of them, from the firemen to the emergency room people  for being there and doing a great job!  
    PS  When you hear a siren, say a quick prayer for everyone involved, then get out of their way!    

Thank you
Betty Chenevert

Update: Mrs. Chenevert is now home and doing well.