It’s All Free

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 By Sue Shaffer, Director of Children’s Ministries at The Church in Central

    We were on our way to Brazil for the first time and our plane had mechanical problems, so the airline put us up in a hotel.  My poor husband had to hang out as guard of all our stuff at the airport.

  “Mmmm,’ I thought to myself, ’boy, that food on the buffet table looks so delicious!”   There were all sorts of colorful fruits, and an array of dishes which looked appetizing, but most of it, I had never seen before.

    The waiter came by several times and said something to me in Portuguese and then pointed to the buffet table.  And I would then try my best to tell him, “I only have dollars, I don’t have any Brazilian money.”

    This went on for quite some time, hours actually.  I guess he could tell that my sons and I were really hungry. We had been swimming in the hotel pool, and everyone knows what a little swimming will do for an appetite.

   Finally, someone came by that could interpret for us.  I could hardly believe when he told me, “It’s all free! It’s been paid for by the airline.”

    You know, I think this happens to us more than we realize.  Jesus has already paid the price for our salvation, but has everyone you know accepted His free gift?  He also paid the price for our healing, our peace and numerous other blessings that are all written in His Word.  But, for some reason we just don’t go to His banquet table to receive all He has for us.

    Perhaps you need peace, healing, or maybe salvation.  All you have to do is ask.  He is God after all, and he hears all prayers at all times and from all people.