Local Author Releases Book

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By Mia Freneaux

Central resident John “Skip” Blythe has recently released the book “Why God? – Learning to Understand the Ways of Our Creator”.  Skip, a member of the worship team at Healing Place Church and an ordained minister, says he wrote the book because of “the questions I always seemed to be asking God about my own life; I just felt that if I had so many questions, probably everyone did.”  Skip started writing his book early in 2009, finishing it in about 8 months with encouragement from friends and family.  McDougal and Associates published it and released it in April.  Response has been good.  Skip, who has been a missionary in Juarez, Mexico and has pastored a church in El Paso, wanted to write a “simple book”, one that is “conversational” to help everyone understand that “God loves them and wants the best for them.”  “I would love for the book to help people to get closer to God and to trust Him more,” he says. “Why God?” is available online at,,, and locally by contacting Skip at 802-0007 or emailing him at