Hurricane Preparedness

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From the Central Fire Department website

June 1- November 30 marks the hurricane season and the time to prepare for one is now.  This season may be a very active season according to NOAA, with 14 to 23 named storms.  Knowing which types of hazards might affect your family is one step to getting your family  ready. Central has two major rivers surrounding it; determine the  routes  best for your home if you need to leave. Know how  heavy rains, flooding and winds will affect your home and property. You can obtain sand and bags at all five of Centrals fire stations.  Have a single point of contact, ( out of state friend or family member) whom all your family members know how to get in touch with.  Have a disaster supply kit already assembled and in an available location.

Disaster supply kit should include ( but not limited to) non-perishable food, non-electric can opener, bottled water, blankets and pillows, important documents, Flashlights with extra batteries, local maps, battery operated radio,  moisture wipes, toiletries,

Also keep a First Aid Kit with medicines, doctors names and number, number to local pharmacies. Your CPR and first aid training can be obtained through the Fire Department; for this go to the community page online at

Don’t forget about your pets, make sure they are up to date on shots, and have proper identification.  Have a cage, leash or harness, ample supply of food and water for them also.  Central’s area veterinarians can direct you to a shelter and information for you pets. 

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