Updates on Adam, Hailey and Loyd

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Adam Stafford remains in the hospital under close watch by doctors and surgeons.  However, his family continues to see small signs of hope each day.  He has had surgery to insert a trache and feeding tube, and that went well.  You can see updates from his family on his CARING BRIDGE SITE.  Adam's site has had over 71,000 visitors as the community continues to show support and pray or him.

Hailey and Loyd continue to improve and heal each day.  Hailey is waiting to have surgery soon on her feet, and Loyd is currently in physical therapy for his leg.  You can view their CARING BRIDGE SITE online to keep updated on their progress.

There will be a fundraiser this Saturday for the Ussery and Stafford families.  Stop by Brain Freeze Snoballs on Greenwell Springs Road near Bellingrath to donate.  "Praying for Hailey and Loyd" and ""Stafford Strong" bracelets are still being seen and sold around Central. does not currently have news about Brittany's progress.  If you have any updates you would like to share, please send an email to [email protected].

Thank you to everyone for continuing to care for these young people and their families through prayers, fundraising, and other signs of support.