CHS DECA Student Hannah Wingate Receives $1000 Scholarship

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Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2009-10 MERA program.  This year 224 LA senior students completed and passed the Louisiana Retail Pro Certification and were eligible for 12–$1000 scholarships.  To qualify for the scholarship drawing, a student needed to pass the National Retail Federation’s Customer Service Industry-Based Certification test and complete the online courses.  Those that completed both of these requirements received a La. Retail Pro certificate at a recent DECA/MERA luncheon and from those names, 12 were selected as scholarship recipients.  The twelve $1,000 scholarships can be used at any college, university, technical school, trade school or other pursuit of higher education.

Central High School senior, Hannah Wingate, was among the twelve lucky scholarship recipients. Hannah plans to attend Southeastern LA University to major in nursing. Hannah has maintained a 3.8+ cumulative GPA with her curriculum consisting of some Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses. As a member of Central High’s cooperative marketing program, Hannah has worked part-time at Moran Printing located on Florida Blvd in administrative and accounting areas.

“Congratulations again, Hannah, and good luck. I know you’ll be a great success.”—Ms. Dykes, DECA coordinator, CHS