Meet Your School Board Member: Sharon Browning

By  | has sent letters to all of the School Board members asking them to participate in Meet You School Board Member.  One person each week will be highlighted until everyone on the School Board has been represented.  School Board members were asked to submit a three part article, including a short bio, their answer to the question, "What do you see as the most important issue(s) facing the Central Community School System over the next few years?," and anything else that they would like to say to the citizens of Central.  Responses will not be changed or edited without the consent of the School Board Member who submitted them.  This week's School Board Member is Mrs. Sharon Browning, School Board President. 

    I am Sharon Browning and I have spent my entire life in Central, in education, and in love with the people of the Central Community.  I have a master’s degree plus 30 and spent 29 years at Central High School, 21 in the classroom teaching English and eight as a guidance counselor there.  I am married to Bobby Browning.  We have two children, John Marc Browning (Bettye Ann) and Laura Browning Gerald (Eddie).  I have four grandsons, Bob & Tim Browning and Hunter & Blake Gerald.  Blackwater Methodist is a very important part of my life.  I have been a member there all of my life and at this time teach the Jr./Sr. High SS Class.  I proudly represent District 7.

    As we continue to stress academics within our system, The Central Community School Board will face many additional issues.  Two of those issues will be finding the money to pay dedicated teachers salaries which are competitive with neighboring systems, and providing resources for the influx of students into our system as it continues to grow and prosper.  Another issue is teaching students the skills that they will need to compete in a global society.  A special interest of mine is to involve industry in planning and developing our curriculum so that students are learning what is relevant in their chosen careers.  It is the mission of this board to address the needs of each and every student in this system.
    In May, 2009, the citizens took a bold step of faith and passed three tax propositions for Central Schools.  These citizens placed their faith in a school board that pledges to use their money wisely and frugally.  Our board has worked tirelessly in preparing to build our new schools and make much needed renovations to the old ones.  As the board representative of District7, I will work very hard to maintain the trust that the citizens of my district have placed in me.