THANK YOU CENTRAL Central Speaks Under New Ownership

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Thank you Central for letting me be your news source over the past two and a half years. The opportunity has taught me so much about our community, the people, the cut throat politics and the politicians that go along with the cut throat politics.
The experience of publishing Central Speaks has been much fun and twice as much work, but worth every bit of the effort. I could write about all the extraordinary people I have met on this uphill journey, the insights that I have gained into who the Central community is, and the hard lessons I have learned along the way.
Instead, with this as my last editorial, I need to say how amazing my husband Travis Griggs has been in supporting my dreams & visions for Central Speaks week after week without the first complaint of the time it took me from our family and events. I could not have done this without him.
I want to thank everyone who has shared their views, process, and beliefs with us over the years, especially the people who said “yes” to big, unproven asks along the way, like Jamie Pope. Jamie took on the job of writing an editorial titled Opinion of the People and made it every bit her own and excelled beyond expectations. Thank you Jamie for your hard work, time and selflessness.
I want to thank the people in this industry who felt unseen and did the work anyway, drawing a map with their convictions and their furious talent, yet without getting the credit they so rightly deserved; they made it a little easier for all of us.
For someone whose passion revolves around her home, her family and her community, I am truly at a loss for words to describe how much Central Speaks means to me. I look forward to checking up on the website in the future and seeing what fantastic journalistic work has been done since my departure.
But still, I hesitate to call this a “departure.” My time as the owner and editor-in-chief of Central Speaks has had a lasting influence on me that will never go away. Thanks again to all of our readers for making Central Speaks your community newspaper and to our advertisers for making this possible.
I ask all of Central to welcome the new owner with an open mind, open arms and be the helpful community I know Central is as they step up to keep the presses rolling, because that is Good News for a Great City.
SarahJo Griggs