Who Gets My Vote?

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CENTRAL FIRST BlackBI’ve been asked hundreds of times in the past few months who I support in the various election races. Conventional wisdom says that candidates need to stay out of all the other races. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not very conventional.
First and foremost, I support Dave Freneaux in Council District 3, (that’s me), and that is also why the rest of the Council races are of special importance to me. I hope to be serving with the winners for four years, and I can be much more productive if candidates who see Central the way I do are elected.
This next position will hardly come as any surprise. I simply can’t support the re-election of the current Mayor and Council. Mayor Shelton and Council Members Fralick, Evans, Vance & Messina have spent four years making major decisions that I do not believe are in the best interests of the City of Central.
Disagreeing with their decisions is not mudslinging or character assassination; I just believe Central would be better served by electing a completely new Council and Mayor. I do appreciate that these citizens have given their time in serving the city, but I would like to appreciate some different citizens for the next four years.
So will I “endorse” certain candidates? No, but I will be telling you about some candidates with whom I would feel privileged to serve on City Council. Other newspapers “endorse” candidates because the newspaper owners don’t live here, and consequently won’t have to live with their decisions, and won’t have to serve alongside them. I won’t “endorse” anyone, but I can have an opinion as a citizen of Central and a candidate.

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