Keys to the City (And City Hall)

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CENTRAL FIRST BLUEb largerIf you are frustrated with the actions and decisions of “The Administration” in Central, or if you think “The Administration” is doing a dandy fine job, give the blame or credit where it is due. While a mayor may be the most visible elected official, taking credit for his successes and rightfully being blamed for his failures, the City Council is equally responsible, because while the Mayor drives the bus in running the city, the City Council Holds the Keys.
Our system of checks and balances between the Executive (Mayor) and Legislative (City Council) branches of our local government is very well crafted, and BOTH the Mayor and Council share the credit or blame for all of the major happenings in government. Everyone already sees that the mayor is easily assigned blame or credit, but in the single example of the proposed $5 million City Hall, you will see the three reasons why the City Council s just as responsible, because the City Council Holds the Keys.
The City Council Holds the Keys to Zoning: It is clearly Mayor Shelton’s initiative to build a $5 million City Hall, paying for it out of Central’s cash reserves, which I maintain should be used for drainage first. Whether you feel this is a good or bad decision, it is first a Zoning decision, and the City Council has complete authority over Zoning, including the approval of all new developments. If the City Council does not want City Hall built, they will vote on July 26th to deny the Conditional Use Permit needed to proceed. The City Council Holds the Keys.
The City Council Holds the Keys to the Spending: Mayor Shelton has decided that he wants to use $5 million of Central’s cash reserves to build the 17,000 square foot City Hall. However, the City Council Holds the Keys to Central’s cash reserve vault, and unless the City Council votes to give the Mayor the money to spend, City Hall does not get built. The City Council Holds the Keys.
The City Council Holds the Keys to Contracts: Even if the Mayor has the money in the budget to spend $5 million on City Hall, and he currently does not, the Mayor can not sign the contract to have it built unless the City Council authorizes him to sign it. The City Council Holds the Keys
Whether you support or dislike the things that Central’s government does, and whether the issue is fixing drainage, building City Hall, approving developments, or rezoning property, remember who is responsible for those actions and give ALL of them the blame or the credit. The Mayor drives the bus, but the City Council Holds the Keys.

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