City Council: The Right Choice

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CENTRAL FIRST BLUEb largerThis editorial is for the many of you who have asked me to run for Mayor of Central again this year, and for my family who is wholeheartedly behind me in whatever I choose to do. I am humbled by the support and confidence expressed by all of you as concerned citizens, and I am blessed beyond measure by the amazing and supportive wife and family I have, but this is not the right time.
I will be finishing law school this fall, and sitting for the Louisiana Bar in February. I have a challenging fall ahead in our transportation business, and you will be able to find me evenings and weekends helping my daughter and son-in-law complete their flood-replacement home. It would simply be a hardship on my family to run a city-wide mayoral campaign at this time.
I have always felt that it would be an honor and a privilege to serve the people of Central, and I have listened as so many of you have shared your desire to preserve the quiet lifestyle you stayed here or moved here to enjoy. So my attention turns to the need for Council Members who will listen to the citizens of Central and stand up for those voters in every decision made by the Council. Running a campaign for the Council seat in District 3 would allow me to both serve this City and be faithful to the needs of my family and career. 
So now we all have work to do. I intend to qualify for election to the City Council seat in District 3, and will spend the next few weeks preparing to do so. I’m asking you to read today’s front page article and see who has already stepped up to seek public office. If they are people you believe will lead well, go out and work to get them elected. If you want another choice, ask others to run or even consider putting your name on the ballot. Qualifying is July 18-20.