Why Issue Bonds?

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CENTRAL FIRST BLUEb largerIMMEDIATE CASH FOR REPAIRS – Issuing bonds raises the funds to upgrade and repair Central’s drainage infrastructure as soon as possible. Because Central has a healthy surplus of YOUR tax dollars each year, there will be no need to create or raise any taxes to retire these bonds. This would require a vote of the citizens of Central, and the bonds would be retired out of a portion of the 2% sales tax YOU ALREADY PAY.
PEACE OF MIND – The citizens of Central should not accept being told “It’s a $20 million problem and we can only do a little each year.” That does not give anyone hope that in the very near future all that we can do to prevent local flooding WILL be done. Bond it all out as soon as possible and fix our drainage problem so that Central residents can stop worrying every time it rains.
INVESTING IN CENTRAL – You don’t build a house by purchasing one room at a time, paying cash for a bedroom the first year, adding a bathroom and a hall the second year, a kitchen the third, etc., until in 20 years you own a house. No, you use the bank’s money to build the type of home you need and can enjoy now, and you pay it back over 20 years. The great thing about Central is that we already have the excess money every year, your tax dollars that you already pay, to retire the bonds. Issue $20 million in bonds today and retire the bonds with modest interest over 25 years. Fix our drainage problems sooner and we can enjoy increased safety and peace of mind for a long time.

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