Central Fire Department Pulls Victim from Crash

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D 6 extricationFrom Central Fire Department
A one vehicle accident in the 5200 block of Hooper Road on November 2 left an occupant severely trapped in the overturned vehicle.  The District Six Fire Department responded at 9:36 a.m. and found the overturned vehicle partially blocking both west bound lanes of Hooper Road.  Due to the complexity of the extrication, District Six called for assistance from the Central Fire Department. Firefighters from both departments used numerous pieces of equipment off of the CFD rescue truck to stabilize the vehicle and simultaneously personnel from EBR EMS stabilized the medical condition of the trapped occupant. Once vehicle and occupant stabilization was complete, firefighters used rescue airbags to lift the vehicle enough to free the occupant.  Central Fire Department Deputy Chief Charles Mondrick credited the timely extrication of the trapped occupant to strong command and control of the scene combined with training, teamwork of all responders and having the necessary rescue equipment on scene.