CCSS 2017-2018 Student Handbook Changes

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The principal’s and the Director of Student Services met with the Student Service Committee and made the following recommendations that were approved by the Board on May 8, 2017.

Dress Code: 

  • Slacks will have finished bottoms.
  • A current school ID must be worn around the neck and visible at all times.
  • Choker elastic accessories are prohibited.
  • Boy’s hair cannot be longer than shoulder length.
  • Shorts no less than a 9 inch inseam shall be worn at Central Middle School and Central High School.

              Over Garments:

  • Central High over garments (sweatshirts, warm-ups, letter jackets, etc.) must be on the principal-approved over garment list.
  • Central Middle over garments – Must be sweatshirts either plain or with a Central logo.
  • Students at Central Middle School may wear jackets as long as they are some combination of black, white, gray, and maroon.  Jackets may have a logo no more than three inches (i.e. North Face logo or small Nike check-mark would be acceptable). A child’s monogram is okay as long as it is in a school color and fits the three inch requirement.
  • Students at Central High School are expected to remove jackets upon entering the building. The only exceptions are jackets on the principal-approved over garment list.
  • Long sleeved shirts under the uniform shirt must match the color of the uniform shirt.

 Due Process:

  • A student who commits a major offense may have his/her schedule changed at the discretion of school officials.
  • A school principal may suspend/expel from school or suspend from riding on any school bus, any pupil who commits the following offense:    Shares or post videos or images of fights, assaults, bullying or other major offense

Cell Phones:

  • Elementary & Middle School – Students are prohibited to have a Cell phone on school property.

Central High School Parking: 

  • Parking Violations – Vehicle will have the boot installed
  • Not having the parking tag visible in the front of the car
  • Not parking in correct parking lot
  • Parking on the outside of the gravel lot
  • Parking in the grass in the front of the school
  • Driving recklessly

1st Violation – Saturday School or pay $20

2nd Violation – 2 Saturday School days/lose parking privileges for 2 weeks  

                              Or pay $40

3rd Violation – lose parking privileges for the rest of the year

Drug Testing Policy:

 Testing Standard – The program coordinator shall determine the method of testing to be utilized for each random drug testing event.  However, initial testing will be by urine/hair analysis. 

Testing Procedures– For urine testing, each student will provide a urine sample at the direction of staff in a container provided to them. The collection is unobserved, but to be valid it must meet specimen specifications for color, temperature, and concentration. A student will have a three-hour window to produce a valid specimen. If a student is unable to produce a valid specimen within the specified three hour time-frame (such as from shy bladder, or due to an excessively dilute, off-temperature, or contaminated sample), alternative testing method will be used. (Example: Hair testing)