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CoplinHeadshotB“Early to bed-early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” There is a lot more wisdom to this old proverb than most people actually think about. And in today’s world, it should be noted that early to bed is equally important for all persons—not just men.  
    We are learning that the teenager who sleeps ten hours or so a night is not necessarily being lazy but actually needs this amount of sleep to properly develop and grow physical and mentally. And that adults need 7-8 hours for their brains to recharge, de-stress and prepare for the coming day. However, little of this attention for the need and benefits of adequate sleep usually doesn’t mention when is the best time. It has been found through research that going to bed early and rising early offers significant benefits over those who ”sleep in”. 
    Waking up early, after 7-8 hours of sleep, offers more quiet time to think with a recharged brain, fewer distractions so you can get more accomplished in less time and more time in the day to be more productive. Early in the day is best for your exercise too.  With less stress and fatigue after a good night’s sleep, you are less likely to “blow off” your exercise because you dont have time or are too tired. And, you get the double whammy of all the good feelings and being energized for the day that come from regular exercise.
    Waking up early reduces the stress in your life. People who wake early are more likely to go to bed early and wake-up refreshed and not rushed to skip breakfast and miss the nutrition needed for the day. After sleeping 8 hours, your body needs to “break the fast” with healthy food. Eating a good breakfast has shown to reduce fatigue, reduce the craving to eat whatever junk food is available to satisfy your hunger. Waking early helps establish healthy eating and good weight management.
    And for you students, waking up early after 8-10 hours of sleep improves your grades! Research at Texas University showed better test scores and overall grades with those students who woke early after a good nights sleep.
    And take your ten-minute walk right now with someone you care about. A ten-minute will improve your bone health. Any weight bearing exercise that makes you work against gravity improves bone density for stronger bones. Walking is a good weight bearing exercise.  And don’t forget to call your Physical Therapist…You’ll be glad you did
Tom Coplin PT
Central Physical Therapy