Take Charge Now

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    You have all heard of the 80-20 rule..guideline which we do what we know we are supposed to do to stay healthy 80 per cent of the time and “let it slide” 20 per cent of the time. We constantly hear about eating right, get plenty of sleep and exercise to keep our minds and body healthy. 
    Information abounds with recommendations for various diets and a multitude of approaches to the “best exercise”. But you know all of this—eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and protein and stay away from sugar, fats and salt. And nearly everyone with a kinesiology degree has their own program of exercise that is the latest and greatest. But all of these admonitions have one basic concept in mind.. to reduce obesity and lifestyle disease. 
    Unfortunately, too many people chose the 20-80 approach and wonder why the 20% doing the right thing isn’t working. After all they do the right thing once in a while.  Staying healthy and free from lifestyle poor health is a life time personal commitment to eating right and regular exercise with adequate rest.  In fact research shows the 6-8 hour mark of sleep is the time it takes for our brains to have cleared the toxins of stress. 
    So, take charge of your life. Improve your human experience.   And take your ten-minute walk right now with someone you care about. A ten-minute walk will help increase lung capacity which makes it easier to breathe. When we exercise, our body needs more oxygen which makes our lungs exercise harder by taking deeper breaths. Thus, like exercising muscle increases strength, by exercising the lungs we increase out lung capacity which makes it easier it breathe, clear your mind, relieve your stress and help bring your life back into focus.  And don’t forget to call your Physical Therapist…You’ll be glad you did
Tom Coplin PT
Central Physical Therapy