City Fails Public Notice Requirements

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    Central's City Council was scheduled to vote last Tuesday to approve or deny the controversial 175-house Lakes at Woodland Grove subdivision across Wax Road from Central High School. Central Speaks discovered that the required public notice had not been given for this agenda item, and notified the Mayor and Council of that fact.
    Mayor Shelton did not respond to Central Speaks, but one day prior to Tuesday’s Council meeting the Mayor’s office issued a statement that the vote had been moved to the March 14th Council meeting. No reason was given for the rescheduling.  A Fifteen-day public notice is required to make citizens aware of their right to speak for or against the development.
    On the heels of this event, the Mayor's office also has removed three of the four items from this week's Planning & Zoning Commission agenda, noting "This item has been removed due to noticing requirements." While the notice infers that lawful public notice was not given, there is no explanation as to what requirements were not met. It is likely that these items will appear on the March P&Z agenda with lawful public notice.
    If public notices are properly given, the March 14th Council meeting will be held at 6 PM at Kristenwood, located at 14025 Greenwell Springs Road, and the Planning & Zoning will meet at 6 PM, March 23rd, at Kristenwood.  Citizens are given up to three minutes to comment in opposition or in favor of any item to be voted on.