Greenwell Springs Road Library: Rebuilding Together

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From EBR Parish Library
    The Greenwell Springs Road Regional Branch Library was directly impacted by rising waters during the Great Flood of 2016. Luckily, less than one foot of water covered the building, but that was enough to adversely affect plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems as well as computers, books, furniture, walls, and millwork. The branch has remained closed since August 14 for remediation and repair. Library staff have worked closely with Architectural Services to prepare the building for public use.
    Library officials are pleased to announce that all essential services have now been restored and the building will soon be open for business. New computers, popular browsing collections for all ages, and the public meeting room are all ready for patron use. A portion of the building remains closed to the public to serve as a staging area and book collection storage while more permanent renovations are planned. Check the website for an announcement early in February.
    Coincidentally, the Greenwell Springs Road Regional Branch was already slated for major renovations; therefore certain portions of the building have been left in a less finished state so as not to spend time doing work that will soon have to be undone. This was a key decision to advance the timeline for reopening.  Architects Bradley – Blewster & Associates have been selected to design and oversee the renovation project. We anticipate several months of design and will be soliciting input from citizens throughout the community, many of whom have been working through their own “flood story”. We want to hear your ideas about the newly imagined Greenwell Springs Road Regional Branch. Just like the rest of the community, we are rebuilding together. The best is yet to come!