Correction – With Heartfelt Apologies

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JoPaula Lantier, who along with fellow quilter Renee Hoeprich began the "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" effort to help quilters recover flooded materials, contacted me this week with the following information:
JoPaula and Renee began this effort when they realized so many of their friends who donated quilts to "The Giving Quilt" had lost all of their supplies.  "The Giving Quilt" is a non-profit, charitable organization which creates quilts for donation to such organizations as St. Jude's Children's Hospital, the neo-natal unit at Women's Hospital, Child Advocacy Services, and various organizations that assist veterans and members of the military, to name just a few.  Recently "The Giving Quilt" was recognized by Donna Britt for their donation of 700 quilts to these and other charities!  They are a fantastic organization which has many quilters donating time and materials to produce these wonderful, comforting gifts. "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" is operating under the umbrella of "The Giving Quilt."  It has also received a grant from the Gulf States Quilting Association, which dictates how all donations must be distributed.  Bridge Over Troubled Waters is specifically organized to help quilters get back to sewing as soon as possible.
Any quilter who is a member of a quilting guild or sewing circle can apply to receive help from "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by asking their organization's president to recommend them, or to send in some proof that they are a quilter, such as a photo of quilts they've sewn.  This supply raising effort is NOT open to the general public.  You MUST be a quilter to receive supplies from Bridge Over Troubled Waters.  While the creators of this effort would love to help anyone in need, due to the breadth of the flooding and with so many affected, they realize that they had to limit the scope of their efforts.  The amount of donations they have received is also incorrect.  While they have received many donations, the amount of material and machines was actually considerably less.  Many donors received a tax deductible receipt since they donated to a non-profit organization, so the donations must be used in the way outlined by the grant.  All needlework or embroidery supplies were donated to The Embroidery Guild of Acadiana. 
The Distribution Center has yet to be determined.  It will NOT be held at AA Mini Storage.  It will still be on April 1st, but you must be referred to be eligible to receive supplies.  For more information, please contact JoPaula at [email protected] or Renee at [email protected]Sincere apologies to the lovely ladies who are doing so much to help folks recover.