Take Charge Now

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Since the death of movie star Carrie Fisher by heart attack, I have seen a few conversations and articles about preventing heart attack.  The one topic that seems to reoccur is how drinking water prevents heart attack.  Since I haven’t heard that one before, I thought. “Check it out—might be some good stuff”. The American Heart Association and the CDC recommend the usual information ie eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, reduce stress, stop smoking— Ya De Ya but nowhere do they recommend drinking water unless it is with taking your baby aspirin.
    In fact, drinking water at night may increase your risk of heart attack. If you have to get up in middle of night to go to the bathroom, you lose sleep which has been shown to increase stress, increase appetite, and a desire for fatty, sugary foods—none of which are good for preventing heart attack or stroke.
    While drinking water is essential to life and important to our over-all health, not all claims of the benefits of water are true….and don’t get me started on coconut water!
    As you have read in the past – Take charge now. Improve your human experience. Take your ten minute walk right now…and get someone to go with you.  And don’t forget to call your Physical Therapist  …You’ll be glad you did.
Tom Coplin, PT
Central Physical Therapy