Take Charge Now

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CoplinHeadshotB“The Flood” is still on everyone’s mind.  It doesn’t go away. Every day we ae all still affected by the remnants of the catastrophe. In the Physical Therapy business, we are seeing dozens of people physically affected by the flood. The main problem we have seen is lower back pain.  Many times, back pain incurred from over use is a simple sprain of strain of muscles or ligaments—soft tissue that generally heals on it own. Usually an ice pack (not heat)  2-3 times a day for 20 minutes for several days will help the pain and healing.
    When the pain doesn’t go away, then it is time to seek professional help. You can call your doctor or your Physical Therapist. 
    If you call your Physical Therapist, generally you will be seen right away for a Physical Therapy evaluation and treatment that can begin on the first appointment. 
    Sometimes the most common back pain from overuse that doesn’t go away is a result of damage to one or more of the discs in the back or a dysfunction of the sacro-iliac joint. Each of these require separate and specific treatment for the condition in question. Your Physical Therapist will be able to help discern which of these conditions are present and provide treatment. 
    If the clinical signs and symptoms of your back pain are inconsistent with these conditions, your Therapist will help you find the type of physician that will be able to help make a definitive diagnosis of your back pain.  With a more specific diagnosis, a more complex and co-operative approach can be taken to help with your back pain.
    And, that 10 minute walk?,  Walking is a gentle way to get moving and keep moving so that your back and all your body’s soft tissue stays limber, flexible and pain-free.
    So Take charge now. Improve your human experience. Take your ten minute walk right now…and get someone to go with you.  And don’t forget to call your Physical Therapist  …You’ll be glad you did
Tom Coplin, PT
Central Physical Therapy