Good News!

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By Mia Freneaux
    Need some good news?  Here's some proof that God is still at work in our community!
    ​Devon Gales, our own Central High School graduate who suffered a severe neck injury while playing for Southern University's football team in 2015, has been working hard at therapy with Atlanta's Shepherd Center.  As a result of his efforts and unflagging optimism, according to the Macon Telegraph, Devon has actually STOOD UP with assistance, and his therapists believe he was trying to move his legs.  Coach Sid Edwards says, “The Shepherd Center will not keep you this long unless you are progressing!”  ​Devon plans to resume his studies now at Southern University. The Gales Family home was flooded in August, so Central High School is still taking donations for him as well.  Devon's unshakable faith has sustained him throughout this ordeal. His tattoo says it best – "Miracle Child."
    Cristal Hebert, terribly injured in the car accident that took her husband Charlie's life in September, is WALKING.  Told that she would be in a wheelchair for at least 8 weeks after having her pelvis crushed, Cristal confounded her doctors when she stood on her own 6 weeks after the accident.  "My doctor asked if I could stand, so I did!" Cristal shared, "then he asked if I wanted to try walking, and of course I said YES!"  Cristal walked out of her doctor's office that day without a wheelchair, walker, or cane!  Cristal's doctor couldn't believe it – he said he had never seen anyone recover from such a severe injury so quickly.  Cristal's pelvis was completely healed!  "I am also able to drive now," said Cristal, "I'm only going up from here!"  She is still working on range of motion in her left arm, but believes she will be able to start weight training in January.  Cristal knows Who to credit – "I shouldn't have survived the accident, yet here I am.  I can only say it's the good Lord."​​ A Go Fund Me has been set up for Cristal at​
    Sgt. Bruce Simmons, after having his left arm shattered in the police ambush on July 17, has movement in his arm!  He began using a bone stimulator daily in mid November, and has been having both physical and occupational therapy for 2 hours a day, 3 times a week.  He had been scheduled to have surgery, due to test results showing the radial nerve that runs down the arm was dead.  A week before the surgery, he began moving his wrist, and the doctor saw muscle movement near his elbow.  The doctor believes Sgt. Simmons' radial nerve is starting to regenerate and cancelled the surgery!  "We thank the Lord for his progress and improvement!" shared his wife Pam.  The sergeant continues to say the Lord is performing miracles also with fellow sheriff's deputy Nick Tullier, and that he will indeed finish that cup of coffee with his brother!​  A Go Fund Me has been set up for Sgt. Simmons at​
    Speaking of Nick Tullier, the man that doctors feared wouldn't survive the day after he was shot on July 17th is now answering questions by moving his head, standing up with assistance, and WRITING HIS INITIALS.  Nick was moved to TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston not long ago.  "I assure you that ALL will be amazed as Nick's miracle continues, thanks to God, the power of prayer, and prayer warriors everywhere," his father James shared on his facebook page. A New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball Fundraiser is being held for him at The Station – get more information on the Nick Tullier Strong FaceBook Page.  A Go Fund Me has been set up at
    And then we get to Daniel Wesley.  The Central High School teen who rushed to the aid of a mortally wounded woman and was severely injured as a result came home last Friday with a full honor​ escort​ provided by ​our​ Central Police Department.  The motorcade drove past Central High School, where the entire student body came out to cheer, accompanied by the Central High Band, flag corps, dance team and cheerleaders.  Daniel waved out the window as he passed.  His mom Kathy said that with a lot of hard work and physical therapy, despite multiple plates and screws in his arm and leg, Daniel's doctors expect him to make a FULL recovery!  In addition to the Go Fund Me that has been set up for him, Central High School is also selling ​$15 ​t-shirts as a fundraiser, and other fundraisers are being planned.  Central Speaks will be publishing those as the information comes available.
    God is still able to give us beauty for ashes and turn our mourning into dancing.  As we rejoice with these good folks with their great news, let's ​remember the Greatest Good News- God's gift to all of us in His Son, Jesus​. Merry Christmas, Central!