Central Early Learning Center Reopening

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    When Bob and Robin Lansing were walking past Central Early Learning Center on the way to help Robin's mother fix her house November 26, they certainly weren't expecting to find smoke pouring out from under the school's door.  It turns out Bob's computer back up battery had caught fire and filled the school with smoke, one day after they had replaced the carpeting damaged in the flood.​  As a result, their infant through 3 year old classes had to be moved to Zoar Baptist Church til the smoke damage could be cleaned up.  The 4 year old and school age classes remain at the center and are being held in their second building. The good news, thankfully, is that all classes will return to the Center at 9739 Joor Road as soon as the end of next week.  Bob's office took more severe damage, and will have to be gutted and rebuilt, but the Lansings are not letting that stop them from being there for the parents and children of their school. Donations of toys, books, crib sheets and blankets, and other items are very appreciated.  Please call the office at 261-1743.