City Council Reduces Lot Sizes in Flood-Risk Areas

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172 House Subdivision Up For Approval

    On November 22, Central’s City Council approved a major change to Central’s zoning ordinances, reducing the minimum lot size in Conservation and Incentive Greenspace areas of Central.  The change allows a house to be built on every one acre of land in these zones instead of the three-acre minimum lot size called for in the Master Plan.  These are areas primarily composed of lands at risk of flooding and where new development could adversely impact existing development.
    In another test of Central’s two-year-old Master Plan, next Tuesday the City Council will consider rezoning a large tract of Conservation, Restricted Greenspace, and Rural/Agricultural property to Residential for the building of a 175 house subdivision.  The 172-acre property is across Wax road from Central High School.
    If the City Council approves the rezoning of the property to Residential, an additional waiver is being requested to reduce the minimum lot size to 9,800 square feet, or just under one-quarter acre.  Ninety-six of the 175 homes are slated to be smaller houses on the small lots, with the remaining sixty-nine houses on larger lots or estate tracts.
    Persons interested in attending the City Council Meeting will be allowed three minutes to speak for or against approval of the project.  The meeting held at 6 PM on Tuesday, December 13th, in the Central High School theater.