Council District Lines to Be Drawn

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    In December of 2015 Central's City Council voted to expand government by adding two Council seats and elect seven Council Members in 2018.  With two Council Members to be elected At-Large by a city-wide vote, the remaining five will be elected from Districts. The current City Council will meet on November 22nd to draw the District lines.
    Four separate ordinances were introduced at Tuesday's Council meeting with varying configurations for the new Districts. All citizens wishing to express an opinion on the drawing of District lines will have the opportunity for public comment at the November 22nd Council meeting.
    The move to District Council seats was a high profile issue in the 2014 elections, with all of the current Council favoring District elections.  Two of the options place two Districts almost entirely in the rural northern half of the city, while two options create one uniquely northern district with two or three of the remaining Districts straddling Hooper Road.