Central Is DisruptiveStrong

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By Keeley Kristin Brooks and Todd Bossier
Pictured: DisruptiveStrong developer Todd Bossier and his wife, Leigh Ann
Todd and Leigh Ann BossierB    One of the things so heartwarming about Central’s community is how its residents pull together in support of one another, no matter what the cause. Today brings a new cause, and its purpose is to help you feel better, look better, and perform better in your everyday life.
    Local ER Nurse Practitioner Todd Bossier is a Central native and resident, who, with the support of his business partner and fellow Central native Eric Antoon, single-handedly developed and recently launched a newly invented fitness and athletic training product on Kickstarter. DisruptiveStrong Bag and Shotbells is a revolutionary new all-in-one training system that consists of a weight bag with an interchanging weight system of steel shot balls that will revolutionize the way you train. 
    This unique fitness tool not only allows for training in all directions, but the free-flowing nature of steel shot balls inside of the DisruptiveStrong bag create a disruptive-style training, which in turn forces the activation of the body’s stabilizer muscles. These muscles are often neglected with traditional weight training routines, which is why this disruptive-style training is so revolutionary. 
    Frustrated by expensive home gym equipment that provided limited function and single weight units, Bossier began tinkering with building prototypes in 2014 while focusing on developing something that was both functional and affordable. 
    What emerged was an all-in-one training system that you can lift, strike, slam, and drag, and use like a dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell, punching bag, medicine ball, and slam ball. The training tool is designed to help people and athletes train in the ways they really move in everyday life. 
    “In life,” Bossier said, “we twist, turn, heave, and sway, and are placed in awkward positions. However, most of us either don’t train at all or we train in only two dimensions. Neglecting real-world movement patterns exposes our weakest muscles to injury and poor function. The DisruptiveStrong Bag and Shotbells create an intense, functional, real-world training environment that cultivates a different kind of strong, hence the term DisruptiveStrong.” 
    Todd’s wife, Leigh Ann, is a certified personal trainer and has been using DisruptiveStrong in home training sessions with clients for the past two years. 
    Leigh Wagner and Lynde Sunday, both Central natives and residents, currently train with DisruptiveStrong.
    “It is an amazing product,” said Sunday. “It is extremely versatile for so many exercises, and my favorite part is that after a tough exercise, I can just slam the bag down and not have to worry about damaging it or the floor.”
    Leigh Wagner has had a different experience. A rehabilitation director for a physical therapy group, Wagner is also mother of three small children. For years, she suffered with chronic, debilitating migraines and had tried everything from chiropractors to preventative meds to exercise and even Botox. 
    “Since I started training with DisruptiveStrong, I have never felt better in my entire life,” Wagner said. “I’m in better shape now after having three kids than I ever was before. I have gone from 18 migraines a month down to maybe 2 or 3, and I no longer need medication to fight them off. I’ve also gained confidence in myself and have become a better mother. I absolutely credit DisruptiveStrong with getting me healthy, with saving my life, and with saving my sanity!”
    Bossier is also developing a fitness and athletic training app to provide people and athletes with continuous programming. This specialized at-home fitness program will offer a complete workout regimen through a portable trainer right on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime. 
    This fitness app will provide over 700 different exercises, with over 250 different workouts per year, so you never have to repeat the same workout twice, unless you just absolutely want to. Designed for all sports and genders, and for ages 11 and up, the app will develop athleticism, energy systems, multi-directional power, and mental toughness. 
     “I know I am in for a long fight to make this brand successful. But just like pioneers of Central that fought to make us an established city, just like the parents of this community that grind everyday to provide for their families, I have a passion and belief in what I am fighting and grinding for, and that passion and belief will drive the persistence that will be needed to disrupt barriers and strive for greatness … just like this proud city of Central. We truly are a different kind of strong. We are DisruptiveStrong.” 
    To learn more about DisruptiveStrong and its Kickstarter campaign, please visit or email Todd Bossier at Please note that shipping costs on all local orders will be reimbursed.