EBRSO to Begin Random Vehicle Inspection to Deter Burglaries

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Press Release from EBRSO
    The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office will begin random vehicle inspections in order to bring awareness to residents in an attempt to deter vehicle burglaries.
“The majority of vehicle burglaries worked by our office involve unlocked doors and valuables in plain sight,” Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said. “Residents can take a few simple steps to protect themselves against a burglary. We hope that our new Vehicle Burglary Awareness Reports will help spread the word and reduce the number of burglaries.”
    Deputies will randomly inspect vehicles for visible signs of unlocked doors, open or cracked windows, valuables in plain view and other opportunities for crime. They will leave the attached pamphlet and checklist with a “pass” or “fail” marked for residents. The pamphlet includes other safety tips for protecting against burglary.
    “Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity,” Sheriff Gautreaux said. “Together we can work to eliminate these opportunities.”
    Deputies will be visibly observing the vehicles as other passerbys can do. They will not actually touch or enter the vehicle. They will only be observing for “visible” signs that the vehicle is unlocked or valuables are in plain sight. This is a program that we have heard of other parishes doing as well as agencies in other states in order to bring awareness about vehicle burglaries. We estimate that approximately 90% of vehicle burglaries worked by EBRSO involve unlocked doors. This is purely an awareness campaign. There are no penalties for unlocked doors etc.

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