EBRSO Begins Civilian Fingerprinting for Businesses Via Live Scan

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EBRSO Press Release
    The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office will begin using the Live Scan system for civilian fingerprints, starting March 10, 2014.  The Live Scan is inkless electronic fingerprinting. The fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for completion.
    The Sheriff’s Office Live Scan fingerprinting will be offered by appointment only for registered applicants. Businesses using Live Scan must first be registered through DPS. Businesses are also required to use the Live Scan agency user manual to set up user privileges in the Civil Inquiry Network. Contact Alan Davis with the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association at (225) 214-0018 to activate your account.
The Purpose of Live Scan:
    The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office Live Scan System allows private employers, state agencies, and other entities to submit an applicant’s fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Louisiana Department of Public Safety (DPS) for the purpose of positively identifying prospective employees or agents.
    Background checks on individuals determine if an applicant is eligible to hold positions involving children, the elderly, and/or the disabled. It also verifies if the applicant is currently wanted, has an arrest record, or has been convicted of stalking or other domestic violence offenses. Additionally, it will show if the applicant is a convicted sex offender.
Benefits of Using Live Scan:
• Digitally captures fingerprints for electronic submission resulting in fast and positive identification of an applicant.
• Convenient and easy to use for employers.
• All information is confidential. No criminal record is seen by anyone other than the registered employer.
• Background check results usually obtained within 24 hours, as opposed to weeks or months.
• Background check results on an individual can be viewed and printed by the employer on a secure website. Results will also be mailed directly to the employer from Louisiana Department of Public Safety.
• Employer can set day for applicant to be scanned at his/her convenience.
The cost associated with Live Scan is $41.00 – $60.25 per individual, which could possibly include:
• FBI Background Check ($19.25)
• Louisiana State Police background check ($26)
• Sheriff’s Office processing ($10)
• Louisiana Sheriff’s Association ($5)
For further information, contact:
East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office
Criminal Records
Lt. Denise Boudreaux