The City of Central Chamber of Commerce’s C4 Report: Misty Rembert & Stacie Braswell / Lola and Company says “ I’m In”

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Lola Im InB“Lola & Company is honored to be a member of the Central Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber is a tireless advocate for small and local businesses and they do so much to improve the local economy and quality of life in the City of Central.  The events held by the Chamber are a wonderful resource to new and established businesses alike.  Lola and Company is “ IN “ because the Chamber is “ IN “ for the people of Central.  Thank you for all you do to make Central a great place to live and work!”

Misty Rembert, Owner

Stacie Braswell, Manager

Lola and Company

18564 Magnolia Bridge Road

Central, LA  70739

Office:  225.261.2859

Fax:  225.261.2860

Facebook:  Lola & Co.

Member Joined:  May, 2012