Election Central: Mayoral Candidate Dave Freneaux Announces Contract With Central

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Press Release – Dec. 12, 2013
    Dave Freneaux, conservative mayoral candidate in the 2014 Central elections, today announced his “Contract With Central,” which he said offers voters a “pledge of accountability” and not empty campaign promises.
    “Voters have said they are tired of vague campaign promises that never get fulfilled, and are only made to win elections,” Freneaux said.  “The people of Central deserve commitments and clearly stated objectives that they can measure and hold the next mayor accountable for.”
    Key points of his contract include: maintaining fiscal responsibility, providing better representation without bigger government, giving a voice to the people, greater transparency in government, protecting Central’s family-friendly and scenic lifestyle, and defending Central’s right to say “NO” to the Baton Rouge Loop.  Freneaux’s full contract is provided on Page 3.
    “I truly believe I can make a positive difference in my community, and I want the people of Central to know who I am and what I believe so they can trust me and work with me as their next mayor,” he said.
    Freneaux said he borrowed the idea of a “contract” with the people from the 1994 Republican Party’s “Contract With America,” which promoted accountability and presented clearly stated ideas.  The document was supported by a majority of Americans, resulting in Republicans taking a majority in both houses of Congress for the first time since 1953.
    “Central’s next Mayor will be faced with the core responsibilities of working cooperatively with our law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety and with the Central Community School System to promote excellent education for our children,” Freneaux said. “The mayor should also be about seeking ways to improve our roads, drainage and sewer services.  So, working with Parish and State officials, implementing and updating the city’s master plans, and being responsive to the needs of our citizens, will all be important.  In many ways, these are simply the basic job duties of the mayor.”
    “I pledge to do those things – those essential duties of mayor – AND go beyond the minimum job requirements to make Central the best city in America.  That’s what my ‘Contract With Central’ is about – going the extra mile for Central,” Freneaux said.
    “I’ve thought about this job and what I can bring to it. I’m making a commitment to be out front, and I’m putting my vision for Central in writing so others can confidently join me in helping Central accomplish these goals.  I’m looking forward to sharing my ‘Contract With Central’ with the voters in the days and months to come, and I look forward to implementing it together with the people of this city after the election as their mayor,” Freneaux said.