Don’t Mess with Central

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    A HUGE THANKS to a few brave citizens that helped my wife when she was robbed last week.  Last Thursday evening she was held-up and hit on the head with a loaded pistol by a man in the woman’s front restroom at the Central Wal-Mart.  The attacker stole her purse and walked out of the store.  Four concerned citizens who witnessed the incident gave chase and were able to obtain a description of him and the “get-a-way” vehicle.   Within minutes the Sheriff’s department apprehended him and his accomplice.  This was all made possible by the actions of a few of Central’s finest citizens. 
     This is what Central is all about:  Helping each other in our hour of need.  Thanks again to everyone associated with putting this thug behind bars.  Although my family may never visit a public restroom again, I can truly say that it is great to live in “A Community That Cares”.
Thanks Again Central