Farmer’s Market Comes to Central

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By Mia Freneaux
    It all started with a wish.  Alyx Gafford, a 23 year old trainer at Snap Fitness here in Central, graduated from Central High School and played several sports throughout her career. “I’ve always been health conscious,” Alyx shared, “more so since I took several nutrition classes at LSU.  As a trainer, I so often see the results of bad health choices.”  Alyx loved going to the downtown farmers market, and wondered why Central couldn’t have one too.  “Most fresh produce travels an average of 1500 miles before it gets to its final destination.  Produce starts to lose its nutritional value the minute it’s picked.  So much of it is picked green, then artificially ripened.  A farmer’s market would offer locally grown, nutrition filled produce to Central, and support our local farmers as well.”  
    Alyx approached Jimmy Nunnally and Steele Pollard of the Village at Magnolia Square.  They were very enthusiastic and supportive and agreed to allow the Farmer’s Market to meet under the Eisworth Oak.  “It’s such a pretty location, I could really visualize the market happening there,” said Alyx.  The location found, she then set about finding vendors.  She ended up with an impressive and diverse line up.  Sweet Impressions will be there with their usual delectable baked goods and their espresso machine.  Iverstine Farms, owned by Central High graduate Galen Iverstine, will be offering fresh pork, chicken, and (coming soon) beef.  Feliciana’s Best Creamery is bringing their delicious dairy products.  Bill Story will be supplying locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Fresh laid eggs, homemade salsa, and Cajun spices will be sold.  In addition, many local craftspeople will be selling jewelry, apparel, bird houses, wood crafts, photography, art, goats milk soap, and candles.  A great way to find a unique gift and support our city!  Brandon Routh will also be on hand this weekend to serenade the crowd with acoustic guitar.
    Alyx has big plans for the Central Farmers Market.  She would like to see cooking demonstrations held at the market, and is working on having animals there for children to pet.  Local musicians will also be spotlighted.  Do you have a talent you’d like to share?  Contact Alyx at   
    All of the vendors at the Farmers Market will be paying sales tax to the City of Central, taxes that go to support our public works and school system.  Supporting this event not only allows Alyx and her vendors to offer yet another great opportunity to the life of our town, but helps our great city as well.  Come out and support this innovative idea!  Magnolia Square Farmers Market is held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 8:00-noon.