Sales Tax Collections on Dirt Hauling

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   It has been brought to the city’s attention by some local dirt hauling companies that there may be some other dirt-hauling businesses that are not properly licensed and not collecting sales tax on deliveries of dirt to property owners in Central.  This includes companies that dig ponds or excavate dirt.  Some local business owners are stating that these unregistered businesses are providing cheaper prices due to the fact that sales taxes are not collected and reported, and this is producing an unfair advantage.

   In checking with the City-Parish, it is confirmed that any dirt-hauling or excavating business must collect and report sales taxes on each load that they deliver or job that they perform.   Failure to do so is a violation of the law.

    If you have any dirt delivered to or excavated from your property, please make sure that the company is registered with an occupational license and that they are charging and collecting sales tax on each load.  Violations can be reported to our Municipal Service Center at 262-5000.