The C4 Report

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From the City of Central Chamber of Commerce
    One of the goals of the City of Central Chamber of Commerce this year is to find better ways to promote our Chamber, stay in touch with our members, and inform and educate the public about the Chamber.   February 23rd we published our first C4 Report.  The C4 Report is a weekly published article that addresses the Central Chamber.  March 23rd we launched a new website,, which provides excellent information about the Chamber, highlights our membership, and increases communication.  The E-newsletter, an email letter, continues to be sent out twice weekly and regular mail outs are still being sent in order to stay in touch with all of our members.  Now we are excited to announce the start of our latest communication effort, “The C4 Power Hour”!
    The past two Tuesday evenings the City of Central Chamber of Commerce has had the privilege of being a part of a new radio show called “The Central Story.”  “The Central Story” airs every weekday from 5:30 to 6:30pm on WPFC 1550AM, Central APP, and  Each night the show focuses on a different aspect of our community.  Tuesdays the Chamber‘s“C4 Power Hour”, hosted by Matt Price and Ron Erickson, is now on the air!  We are excited to be provided with the opportunity to have another avenue that will help to make everyone aware of what is going on with the Central Chamber and the businesses of our community.  Each week we will interview members, talk about what is going chamber events and developments, discuss trends in the business community, and receive professional tips from chamber business owners.  If you have a topic or question you would like to have answered contact the Chamber and we will try to address it on the air.  Come on out to Café Delphi each Tuesday evening be part of the listening audience and at the same time enjoy some great food!  If you cannot come out, turn your dial to 1550AM and let’s stay in touch.