Mayor Speaks Up on Committees

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Letter to the Editors of and Central City News:

    I have prepared this letter in an effort to share with the citizens of Central and the individuals who have graciously volunteered their time to serve on several Mayor’s committees, some background about the committees.  I hope that the local press will assist me in my efforts to communicate this information to the people of Central by printing this letter.

    Over the past six years as your Mayor, I have been impressed with the willingness of our citizens to volunteer their time, energy and expertise to help others and to improve our city.  I take very seriously the responsibility of the Mayor’s office to administer all of the daily activities of the City of Central.  I am also convinced of the value of involving citizens on Mayor’s advisory committees to work together and study important information on issues affecting Central.  It is my intention to continue to enlist the help and support of interested citizens to offer their unique expertise and to gather information so that I can make the best possible decisions for our city.

   The City Services Committee worked diligently for months preparing a Request for Qualifications and Proposals and bid documents for City Services.  The work of this committee is complete and has resulted in an impressive number of firms expressing interest in providing our city services.  The City Services Selection Committee is working to meet deadlines that coincide with the expiration of the current City Services contract.

    The Mayor’s committee on Districts and Term Limits Committee chaired by Council Member Messina held its final meeting on Sunday.  The committee was commissioned to compile research on the advantages and disadvantages of Council Districts, Divisions, and our current At-Large election system, as well as the concept of Term Limits.  I look forward to receiving a report detailing the research findings from this committee in the near future.

    The Mayor’s Committee on Legal Services, chaired by Council Member LoBue, was formed to study the advantages, disadvantages and costs associated with hiring a full time City Attorney versus the current process of contracting with law firms.  Due to the legal issues which have been raised about this committee’s activities in local print and internet media, I am temporarily suspending the activities of this committee.  Once all legal issues are resolved I will likely request this committee to resume its research.

    I am thankful to all of the citizens who have volunteered their time and expertise to serve on these committees, and to the citizens who have attended the meetings and given their valuable input.  I appreciate your patience as we work together to continue moving the City of Central forward.


Shelton “Mac” Wattts, Mayor
City of Central – A Community that Cares

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