Districts & Term Limits Committee Holds Final Meeting

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By Beth Fussell

    This past Sunday afternoon, the Mayor's committee tasked with researching how Central's Council seats are elected as well as the concept of term limits met for the third and final time.  The committee was charged by Mayor Mac Watts with the responsibility to research Term Limits as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Central's current "At Large" election process and alternative options such as Districts and Divisions.  Committee chair Council Member Wayne Messina shared on Wednesday that he anticipates having a report containing the committee's research findings in the hands of the Mayor "shortly".

    Sunday's meeting can be viewed on video at by clicking on the CentralSpeaksTV icon at the top of any page.  At the meeting, a final pass around the table was made to allow the committee members an opportunity to summarize their opinions on both term limits and districts vs at large elections.  A popular option according to all committee members was a set of term limits for the Mayor, Police Chief, and Council.  Mrs. Lansing, a committee member, suggested 2 terms per council member and 3 for the Mayor and Police Chief.  The committee unanimously agreed that they thought this was a good idea. 

    The committee did not reach a unanimous agreement on districts vs at large Council seats, but all members were of the opinion that the 5 at large seats that we currently have are not the best option.  Chairman Wayne Messina had proposed at the first committee meeting that 5 district seats and 2 at large seats be instituted for the Council.  At the final meeting, a slight majority were in agreement with Councilman Messina, while the remaining committee members were of the opinion that dividing into districts with no at large seats was a better plan.

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