Just the Facts- Who Is

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By Dave Freneaux

First, the fact: It was reported in a Central newspaper last week that "bills itself as a nonprofit business".  Not true.  When, the printed newspaper, began publication on April 9, 2010, the "for profit" venture acquired the name, but is NOT a nonprofit business.
Now the history: Central Speaks, a non-profit entity supported by Dave & Mia Freneaux and Beth Fussell, launched in 2008 as a non-profit community service internet site created solely to give the Central community a place to share information about all of the things happening in Central. was created by Darci Biggs and Casey & Shawna Bradford at about the same time, and the two sites joined their efforts together as during that first year.  When the popularity of the site and the demands of maintaining it became too time-consuming and expensive, the concept of a non-profit venture had to be ended.  At that time the newspaper, was launched.
Today, is a for-profit business located at 12023 Sullivan Road, Central, LA  70818. is owned, written, photographed published, edited, mailed and distributed by members of the Freneaux family, Beth Freneaux Fussell and Dave & Mia Freneaux.  Credit also needs to be given to the many other "writers" of, the people of Central.  In any given newspaper many of the articles, photos and information are submitted by leaders, coaches, teachers, volunteers and family members of the Central community. will always strive to be the voice of Central, ergo, Central Speaks.