Silly Santa Visiting Central Businesses

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By Dave Freneaux

On the counter as David's Tiger Express stands Santa.  He's about three feet tall, (although we are told he can be taller), decked out in his santa suit, sporting sunglasses and various memorabilia he has picked up in his travels around Central.  He left his home of two years at Central Florist and has been visiting Central business for several weeks.  Having spent time at Ms. V's Snowballs, Laura's Fine Jewelry, Capalli Salon and Ditzy Daizy, he will ge leaving David's and Dairy Queen to spend a while at Central Physical Therapy.  At each business he has acquired a small memento of his time spent there.  Be on the lookout for Silly Santa as he makes his way around Central.  If you see him, take your picture with him and e-mail it to, telling us where he is spending time.  If you send them in, we will publish the best picture submitted each week in the newspaper and we will publish them all on-line at