Once a Daddy’s Girl, Always a Daddy’s Girl

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Submitted by Sue Shaffer, Children's Director of the Church in Central 

My dad and mom welcomed me into this world on a cold January day, and it was on that very same day, my birthday, that I was saying my good-byes to them.  I was moving with my husband and two young sons to the Amazon Basin.  We had only enough money for one-way plane tickets.  That’s young missionaries for you, no cash in our wallets, but hearts full of faith and expectations.
     We had no idea when or if we would return, so good-bye was hard.  We were headed off to the unknown.  But honestly, I think it was harder for my parents, especially my dad. We were close because growing up we went fishing together (a lot).
     You see, a daddy feels the need to protect and care for his little girl.  And he just does it because his heart is full of love; he wants to protect and care for her.
     I remember after saying “see you later…” (I don’t like the word good-bye, just sounds too permanent) and a long embrace, my dad walked off to leave my house (said he couldn’t bear the airport & departure).  He looked so sad, so broken.  And as I watched him slowly walk away, he stopped, and turned and looked back at me and said, “If you ever need anything, anything at all, all you have to do is just call.”  I knew he meant it.  You see, a true daddy does that.  He will sacrifice and do whatever it takes to fulfill the heart or need of his child.
     On my first night in that foreign country, I cried myself to sleep.  I felt like a little child that had gone to spend the night at a friend’s house, but decided in the night that you’d rather go home.
     My daddy always said, “you’ll always be “my little girl”’.  I’ve found that out to be true.
     In case your wondering how the mission field turned out for me…we spent over 10 years there and now we’re back home again.  Instead of having just 2 children, we doubled in size there, we now have 4.
     My dad’s in his 80’s now, and he’s still fishing…come to think of it, I think it’s time to go fishing…
     I love you daddy. 

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