School Board Candidate Bio: Jim Lloyd

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     I grew up the oldest of 3 children in a military family.  Our modest blue collar beginnings shaped a strong work ethic in me.  My father broke the chain of ungodly men in our heritage and instructed his children with biblical principles & values.  I started my first company at 12yrs, “Jim’s Lawncare”.  I hand wrote my phone number and services on a 3×5 index card canvassed the neighborhood.  Stayed covered up with work.  My father and I would rebuild  old lawn mowers in the garage at night  and sell them at the local flea market.

    Northshore High Graduate.  I Was mentored by my youth pastor.  God used him to change my life.  Attended Delgado studying auto mechanics before entering the military .  Platoon Leader & AIT honor graduate as a combat engineer and heavy construction equipment operator.   Attended LSU and UNO on the G.I. Bill. 

    Met Gail at church the night she was baptized. We have four children.

    In the floorcovering and decorative products industry  all my adult life. Co.  “Store Manager of the Year” 1994 of 2300 stores for Sherwin-Williams Company.  President of floorcovering store  1999 thru present. .  We have a full service commercial flooring  design center that also teaches continued education to architects & designers.  A Starnet World Wide Commercial Flooring Partner.

    The previous Board President of Christian Home Educators of Baton Rouge.

    Education is a way of life in my family.  We home educate our children and have been registered as a private school for 17yrs. Go to my website  and click on home school tab. 

    I have a appreciation for all of the arts.  Enjoy perennial gardening , fish/hunt & most recently skydiving. 

I have a heart for the father/son relationships and minister in that area.  I realized a long time ago that it’s not about me…… it’s about others.