Scouts Help with Memorial Day Services

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Submitted by Blackwater Scouts

Memorial Day is set aside to recognize the ultimate sacrifice so many of our Servicemen and Women have made in honor and defense of our country.  In a tradition going back many years, the Boy Scouts of Zachary have invited the Scouts at Blackwater to participate in placing flags on the graves at Port Hudson National Cemetary.  On Saturday May 29, our scouts and their families assisted in the placement of sixteen THOUSAND American flags in a period of a little over two hours.  Boy Scout Troop 13 was represented by Tyler Camel, Zane Byland, Lucas Byland, Orrin Byland, Brendon Oliphant, Jared Anders,  Matthew Terrio, Trent Alderman, Louis Wittenburg, Dustin Sinclair, and their Leaders.

Cub Scout Pack 13 was represented by Brock Juneau, Landon Wynn, Zachary Sinclair, Jeramiah Davis, Michael Terrio, Alex LeDuff, Freeman Hartly, Sherrif Hartly, Isaiah Anders, Michael & Jimmy Hammond, Scotty Miller,  Jason Bonadona and their leaders.

Girl Scout Troop 10036 was represented by Destinee Arnold, Nadia Wynn, Meg Terrio, Sarah LeDuff, Adara Anders, Shelby Anders, Daria Jones, Catela Ware, and Troop Leaders.
On Monday, May 31 a smaller group of Scouts met at the Blackwater Cemetary and there placed forty-five flags on graves therein.  Blackwater's Scouts were represented by Linda Chapman, Matthew Terrio, Mark Terrio, Michael Terrio, Alex LeDuff, Becky LeDuff, Sarah LeDuff, Meg Terrio, Lynne Terrio, Samantha Soule and Kai-lee Newman.  As a Service Project the Girl Scouts would like to gather more information on the cemetary and the members over the next year to better recognize the Veterans among us.

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