Fundraising for Hailey and Loyd

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Submitted by Brandi Wheat

There is an account open now at Hancock Bank for any donations for Hailey and Loyd Ussery, who were injured in the accident on the 18th of this month.  "Praying for Hailey and Loyd" green wrist bands are also being sold.  These bands can be purchased for $5.00 at Salon Fx, Central Private School, or you can call Brooke at 225-953-0199 or Rachel at 225-636-0943.  There are also several locations around Central where donation buckets have been placed, if anyone would like to donate that way (Subway, Oak Point etc.).  These funds will go to help defray medical costs for Hailey and Loyd's family.  They are steadily recovering, but they do have a long road ahead.  Thanks so much to everyone for all the love, support and prayers!