Meet Your School Board Member: Will Easley

By  | has sent letters to all of the School Board members asking them to participate in Meet You School Board Member.  One person each week will be highlighted until everyone on the School Board has been represented.  School Board members were asked to submit a three part article, including a short bio, their answer to the question, "What do you see as the most important issue(s) facing the Central Community School System over the next few years?," and anything else that they would like to say to the citizens of Central.  Responses will not be changed or edited without the consent of the School Board Member who submitted them.  This week's School Board Member is Mr. Will Easley.

My name is Will Easley. I serve as District 4 school board member. My wife Dot and I are natives of St. Helena Parish. We have resided in Central since 1970. I am a Professional Engineer having graduated from LSU in Civil Engineering. I am presently
co-owner of Trade Construction with my son Brennan. Our daughter, Andi Kirkpatrick, works as a CPA with Albemarle Corporation. We recently celebrated the christening of our sixth grandchild.
            As your school board member there are 3 issues I see facing our school system in the very near future. We must prepare for our school system’s growth. City leaders have done well to speculate and plan for slow municipal growth. It is important that the city and school system work together on this important issue. This summer begins our $44 million plus building and renovation projects. The School Board worked diligently to put together and approve the building package for this work. Now we must be diligent to oversee the scope, sequence, and financial responsibility for these projects. Thirdly, our school system must never lose sight of the ultimate goal for the children of this community. They will have a wonderful school building to enjoy on a
daily basis. However, that school career will be over in a very short 13 years. We must get them prepared to face the next chapter of their life. A sound academic and well- rounded education must always be our ultimate goal every child of this wonderful community.

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