New Central Newspaper Launches Today

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Today (Friday), the first issue of the Print Edition will be available around Central. Central Speaks recognizes the need to have immediate updates about our city available every day, which is why we update this site regularly and are available online 24/7. However, we also recognize that many people enjoy the idea of having something physical to read when it comes to the news. The goal of this paper is to reach more of Central and to bring more people to the website, as well a to cater to those who would prefer to have the news in print form. All of the information in the paper can be found here on the website, as well. We simply recognize that, the more peope who get involved with posting the news and staying up to date, the more beneficial can be to Central. Feel free to let us know what you think, whether it be by comments on the site or by email to Also, if you have any news or updates to share with the community, do not hesitate to send it in (it's free).